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Here at Sugartone Studios, I'd like to provide my clients with as many helpful services

as possible. IF you are looking for somebody with an active fanbase to review 

your product - Look no further, I can provide you with that service and then some!


if you need promo shots taken of your band, we can do that right after

we finish recording your first single... Then we can come back to home-base and record

a super high definition playthrough video of the very same track. All in-house,

under one roof, all in the name of providing the best for product for you.


If you have any issues with your instruments while here, or at home,

you can contact my Guitar Tech - Remy Brunone of the band A Deadly Wish. 

He's been setting up and taking care of my instruments for years

and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my stuff other then Remy. 



If Your company is looking for a High Quality 

Gear review and Demonstration, Look No further.

I can provide you with original, edited footage, with original music, and a fanbase I have spent years buildind - a fanbase who loves gear demo/reviews!


Contact me to discuss further details:


Band photos & headshots


I also offer my services as a photographer -

taking pictures of you or your band for 

the use of promo pictures,or headshots,

or whatever it is you're looking for


Contact me to discuss further details:


Film & edit for playthrough video


if you are looking to have your song filmed

as a playthrough video, we can arrange that

to be shot & edited for a very affordable price.


Contact me to discuss further details:




if you're looking for a guitar or bass repair,

then look no further. For years I've been having my good buddy and master guitar tech remy brunone take care of my guitars. whether it be

a basic set up, intonation, restring, pickup installation, deep cleaning, neck adjustment,

or anything I've had come up, he can take care of.


Contact my dude remy to figure it all out: