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First and foremost - I am a lover of music before I'm a musician or guitarist. I create and play what suits the song,

as the song dictates what it is that I create in the first place. Without the initial spark in an idea, kindling is useless.

Throw a seed on the ground, and nothing happens. But when you nurture the seed with water, soil, and love -

when you have a bed of twigs for the ember to smolder in... that's when the magic happens.


Through my years of being a song writer and having collaborated with many many musicians,

I've learned to harness the spark in the moment and ride the wave of energy until the song finishes itself.

My goal is always to elevate the song from it's initial spark, and to maintain its purpose throughout the duration 

of the creative process. As far as I'm concerned, a song is never done until we say it is.


I am highly trained musically, but when it comes down to it I tend to follow my ear as opposed to my training. 

As a result, I find that the organic nature of the song still maintains its essence of what it was meant to do, 

rather then being shadowed over by over production or over intellectualization. At the end of the day, the music

will tell us exactly what the song needs. I'm not here to impose myself onto any project, I'm merely looking 

to assist in channeling and translating whatever it is that's buried deep inside of your head.


If anything that I've mentioned above resonates with the way that you work then we are compatible

and I would love to talk further with you to discuss in greater detail what it is that you feel I can bring to the table

and how we can work together to make bring your ideas to reality. Don't hesitate to hit me up if you have any questions. 







For those of you looking to create something new, pick up an old idea, or fix an existing idea that keeps sending you into a wall, I'm here to offer my help to any of you looking for it.


Contact me as soon as you're ready to open up dialogue and we can discuss what it is that you're looking for and how it is that we can go about achieving it together. 





If you're looking for any solos, rhythms, vocals, or anything that you think you'd like done by me, I can provide you with my best efforts for an extremely affordable rate. 


My guest appearance rate varies depending on the project and time involved, so feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding this...



I can also provide you with fully written songs for those of you looking to achieve the qualities of my musical styles in your songs. The pricing of ghost-writing varies depending on the project and what it is that you're after, but please contact me if you have any desire or inclination that I might be able to get what you're after... 


For all of you bands and song writers our there looking for some tips, advice, or critiques on your music - look no further!


I have begun accepting songs for review and consultation for any musicians out there looking for something that might be in my head. Don't hesitate to reach out - it's my pleasure. 


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