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Its my passion and goal to help as many aspiring musicians as I can.
Each guitarist's evolutionary path is unique, and deserves an approach that is equally as unique, and extremely efficient and effective in helping you become the best you can be. 
I am flexible on lesson rates - so don't hesitate to reach out to me.
The most important thing to me is a student who is hungry for knowledge
and willing to take the steps needed to get to where they want to go. 

 - For those of you interested in Guitar Lessons - 
Check out the Lesson Bundles below for ways to save money

- My Logic -

Have you hit a wall or plateau in your playing?

One of the most powerful things someone can do when they've come to a stand still and can't do anything about it is to look to someone for help who has already been there and passed right through the wall. 


Having a guitar teacher is like having a personal trainer pushing you to dig deeper and not letting you give up - it's like having a mentor at your side to feed you the information you need to ensure success - it's like having a friend to help keep you accountable to your own growth and enjoyment with the instrument and the music you play with it. 

Do you struggle to make the most of your practice time?

Creating practice regiments that are highly efficient and effective are the key to a successful practice session. Saying it is one thing - doing it is another. With me as a teacher, we will turn up the focus and refine your approach to practicing all together. Over the past 8 years as a guitar teacher, I have developed many methods and practice concepts that yield some of the tastiest harvests. Commitment is key - but it is only half the battle. Some say that most successful people do 80% of their work behind closed doors before they even make an appearance. Consider that next time you get down on yourself or wonder how "they" do it. 


                                   You can have it too. It can be yours. 

Are you dissappointed with your personal progress?

I am a firm believer in the power of self reliance and the beauty of looking inwardly to discover answers that you wouldn't otherwise come across. But even the greats started somewhere. Your favorite guitarist once learned from someone. Marinade on that and consider me your best friend when it comes to this, because I want to help you grow.

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- Lesson Rates -


- Save $15 -

6 LESSON Bundle

- save $30 - 



- Online Masterclass -

Rates VARY DEPENDING on attendance

[bring your friends FOR MORE SAVINGS]

I also offer master classes which are basically online or in person group lessons with you and your friends. These type of lessons work really well for those of you in bands looking to grow and expand together, or for any friends who are into the same music and want to help push each other forward. 


Masterclass students also recieve a special

discount rate on hourly lessons

   2 LESSON Bundle  

- Save $5 -

8 lesson bundle

- save $45 -


- Street Team Captain -

For students willing to exchange sweat instead of currency for guitar lessons.

For those of you out there who are hungry to learn from me, but are financially unable to take lessons - I offer you the opportunity to be a Street Team Captain for me. 


You will recieve one free lesson for every 3 students you bring to me for private lessons,

as well as access to sit in on masterclasses

with the people that you've referred to me

(or split the cost with your friends)







My current lesson rate is $60 per hour, with various bundle-packages that help tremendously for those students of mine looking to take these lessons seriously and

have a real hunger for evolving as a guitar player. I provide a custom made lesson plan

for each of my students designed to get

you to the next level of your playing.

 - Online Lessons - 

$85 per hour (unless bundled) 

For those of my students who are highly serious about their playing and growth, I offer my "Loyalty Lesson Bundle" in order to more easily gain access to the knowledge they seek. 

Loyalty Lesson Bundle students will also receive priority in booking lesson times with

me, as well as receiving my private cell

phone number for quicker contact with

me for booking lesson times or for asking

me questions pertaining to anything we've

gone over, concerns, or anything that

you think I can help you with.

 - Loyalty Bundle -

2/4/6/8 Hour LESSON Bundles

- For more savings options - 



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