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Signature Kemper Bundle Pack  

by ToneCrate


Inside this ToneCrate we have the mighty Dan Sugarman of ICE NINE KILLS!


Dan's style and taste for tone gave us a unique opportunity to bring you a new flavor of high gain tone tailored to all types of players from riffers to the most intricate shredders!


What's included:

- Over a dozen versatile profiles from some of Dan's favorite amps including Bogner Uberschall, EVH 5150-III, Engl Powerball 1.5, Engl Savage and even a mystery amp that'll rock your socks!

- Riff tones, Lead Tones, Clean Tones, Plexi Style Tones, & Ambient Tones all meticulously crafted by Dan Sugarman and ToneCrate to perfection


Download this pack at the Tonecrate Vault


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