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Be sure to join the Discord as well as the Facebook Group for all kinds of supplemental support from me, and my amazing community of OVER 300 Students of mine who are just like you! If you want to get warm, stay close to the fire...
The Lesson Lounge is that Fire!

Sugarman's Lesson Lounge is everything you’ve ever wanted in online education & social media platforms as a musician, without the drama and negativity...


Now, you can get the direct positive support of your fellow guitar friends & Dan, direct contact with Dan & other musicians like yourself, and all the inspiration in the world — all without the bs  🙌🏼


Sugarman's Lesson Lounge is a free online lesson community on Discord [Available on Desktop & Mobile] designed for you, and filled with students of the guitar like you - on the same path as you!

Through this free community, you’ll get a multiple array of different types of content from Dan including lessons, blogs, streams, licks, studio tips, ongoing guitar-games with prizes, guitar repair information, mental resources, and a community chatroom to talk all things music, all the time. 

The [ S | L | L ] student based community is priceless because of a the Social Currency it provides, seen nowhere else in the guitar player community. Simply being a part of it makes you want to grow each and every day. 

My Lesson Lounge provides non-monetary substance for you to spend in music and life however you choose.
Beyond the fact that you’ll have direct access to me, you'll also get something super special discounts on musical items that exist nowhere else — you have to join for yourself to see! 

IMG_1360 2.PNG


Congrats! You’re subscribed - I look forward to getting to know you better! Seriously... shoot me an email if you have any questions or comments!

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