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Sugartone Studios is the only one stop shop in Los Angeles

where you can fully achieve the sound you're after. All for an affordable cost,

 while taking your music and playing to the next level. 


I understand how important the vibe of a creative space is,

which is why my studio looks and feels like no other studio I've been to.

By working closely with me on writing, arrangement, instrumentation,

tone choice, technique, all while using the extensive amount

of instruments that I have on hand, I can assure you that we can

manifest the song you hear in your head.


- Don't hesitate to contact me for further details -

Thought my rates are firm, I am willing to flex under special circumstance


I'm here to field your questions and help you

find comfort in the uncomfortable... 

- The ball is in your court, lets do it - 





 $100 per song without edits / $150 with edits 

contact me about EP / LP bundles


$75 per song / $50 with mixing included

- full blown production -

for artists and bands looking to get the full sugartone studios experience


$25 per hour

GUITAR / Bass / vocals / midi


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