I offer online and in person guitar lessons that are tailor made and designed specifically for you. With your desires and goals in mind, I then create a curriculum, or path so to speak that we would navigate together. 

I am available for studio musician work. I am well versed in a variety of styles including rock, metal, acoustic, blues, flamenco, and others - I also offer mixing, mastering, song arrangements, drum/midi programming, collaboration, ghost writing,

and producing

In my years of musical success, touring professionally, as well my years of absolute failure, I've stumbled across many life lessons that that I've felt are worthy of sharing. Here at my blog - you will see old columns from my time with Guitar World Magazine, as well as new editions. 

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Photo from the "Crystal Planet" Vid
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Live in Indonesia
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Carvin / Gibson / Kiesel / Breedlove
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Engl Powerball
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Danger Dan
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In Studio
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Tuning Up in San Diego
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Photo from "Outspire" Video
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This is a place to expand, learn, explore your mind, and share your achievements

with me and an incredible network of amazing musicians just like yourself. 


Through the years of my journey towards this moment, I've experienced all kinds

of ups & downs, and I want to share with you the bits and pieces I've picked up along the way. 


Everything you'll see here is merely my solution to the problems that have surfaced

along my path as a musician and person, and my expression of the internal struggles

of manifesting a dream through daily successes & failures.  


If there is anything I've learned, it is that the mind is either your ally or your enemy,

and every day, every breath for that matter, is an opportunity to do it better, to try it

again, to correct your mindset and finally reach that goal that seemed so far out of reach. 


That goal is achievable, and your dream can be your reality. 


Join me and lets design your pathway towards success. 



 - Its my passion and goal to help as many aspiring musicians as I can -
Each musician's evolutionary path is individual and unique,
and it deserves an approach that serves your specific needs. 
This approach should be equally as unique as you are, 
as well as being extremely effective and efficient in helping
you to become the best you that you can possibly be...
- I am flexible on my lesson and studio rates -
So don't hesitate to reach out to me.
The most important thing to me is a person who is hungry for progress
and willing to take the steps needed to get to where they want to go. 
 - Take the leap of faith, and be rewarded for your courage - 





By the time I was in 3rd grade, I knew what I was going to do with my life. In class, we were asked to draw a picture of ourselves in 15 years. At age 9, I drew a crayola version of myself playing a one-string guitar on stage in front of a sea of stick figures. At the time, I had no idea how to play guitar, and no idea that some day I would be making art out of the noise inside of my own head. Life is beautiful.


- Music is the language of the universe -

This is my attempt to speak the words that we already understand on a subconciuos level.



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